Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adam Schiff: Dhimmi

There is one huge difference between myself and Congressman Adam Schiff that was not addressed in our debate in the fall of 2012.

Schiff, in a pathetic attempt to pacify all of his potential voters, refuses to take strong stands against any other ideologies or political factions. I pointed this out when I wrote the column exposing the fact that he had both Jewish and Muslim political factions supporting his election efforts in 2012.

That is a high-wire act that few politicians can pull off.

One fact that bothered me greatly about Schiff was his continued praise by an organization called ANCA - the Armenian National Committee of America. ANCA continually praises Schiff...in fact, treating him with such sickening semi-god status that it really turns my stomach.... simply because he continually raises the issues of the Armenian Genocide committed by the Muslim Turks between 1914 - 1918.

I pointed out in my pre-election questionnaire from ANCA that they should ask Schiff if he were willing to hire Muslims to work on his staff in Washington. They have never asked that question, because they wouldn't like the answer. I told them openly that I wouldn't hire any Muslims on my staff because the followers of Islam do not believe in religious freedom and have targeted Jews and Christians for extermination for over 1,000 years.

I am going to pass this blog post along to officials at ANCA and ask them this ....

Did your hero Adam Schiff bow his head and pray with this Muslim in Congress?

(The same Muslims who tried to exterminate your entire culture and history...?)

If he did, then Adam Schiff is a Dhimmi. And you are wrong in your biased opinion about him.

Congressman Jennerjahn would have walked out of the room.

You see, Congressman Jennerjahn would have refused to participate in any nonsense that glorifies Islam or its followers.