Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Federal Lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles

On January 13, 2015, I filed a lawsuit in United States District Court against the City of Los Angeles.

It is my first time suing the City of Los Angeles, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be my last.

Why did I file suit? There are several reasons....

1) The City prevented me from running as a candidate in a small local election, even though I had been a candidate for major political office in that district twice within the last 5 years. The City kicks far too many people out of elections. I feel this is unproductive and un-American. It robs the citizens and the voters of more choices and options at the ballot box. I feel that this is an infringement on voting rights in general.

2) The City has a bad habit of making up their own rules and acting in a tyrannical fashion. The City needs to be cured of that bad habit.

and 3) The City has rules and ordinances that are wild violations of the Constitution and various other protections afforded by the Bill of Rights. The liberals in this City do not have the power to ban or eliminate things they find politically offensive.

My prediction on how this will pan out?

I think the City and I will go back and forth for about a year. Eventually they will offer me a small financial stipend for my troubles and offer to change the wording of the ordinance mentioned in the lawsuit. As it is now, it will be very difficult for the City to defend an Ordinance that grants unlimited voting and election freedoms to wealthy property owners, while denying those privileges to others who do not own property.

I just don't see a judge or jury buying their side of the argument.