Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Notes on the Los Angeles Mayoral Debate

Originally, I was going to skip watching the Los Angeles Mayoral debate yesterday. I knew these political figures and their stances. There was nothing that they were going to say that would affect the outcome in this election. In fact, I could pretty much predict almost every word that Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti would say.

So why did I watch?

Because my heart was filled with rage at the local media...who for some reason have decided that the 2013 candidates get a televised debate, while the 2009 candidates for Mayor got nothing. Some media sources wouldn't even list our names in the newspapers back in 2009.

If the media had given the 2009 candidates a televised debate, we could have forced Antonio Villaraigosa into a runoff election. The problem in 2009 was that most of the candidates were not well known or elected officials. The connected people were too cowardly to take on a sitting Mayor with entrenched labor and union voting-bloc support.

I wondered last night if Walter Moore (the runner-up in the 2009 election) was also feeling a seething rage while watching these 2013 candidates take up an hour of airtime in primetime on television.

I don't have much to say about the debate itself.

Kevin James was the closest thing to a Conservative I saw last night, but even he has some nutty Big Government ideas.

Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti, the front-runners, were their usual Beta-politician selves, trying hard not to offend or actually give any concrete answers to any questions about real-world problems.

This Emanuel Pleitez guy seems like a less-offensive Socialist than the others, but the fact that he just turned 30 years old a few weeks ago gives him virtually no chance to win against decade-long politicos like Greuel, Garcetti, and Perry.

I will finish by posting my Twitter tweets from the debate. They were my instantaneous thoughts and assessments at the moment, so I find them truthful and direct.

 "I will create energy from the farts of magical unicorns, and everyone in Los Angeles will live forever! 

One of Wendy Greuels hard drives is malfunctioning. She sounds like iPhone Siri for Mayor!! 

These clowns at the  live in a fantasy world. If Big Government Socialists had all the answers , LA would already be a paradise!!

 gets a little credit for honesty, admitting City Council had screwed up. In contrast, Garcetti and Greuel miraculously error-free!

 says he can create 100K Green Jobs? Wow. Has he been self-medicating? Might explain some of his votes in Council.