Thursday, January 10, 2013

Piers Morgan & Alex Jones

Piers Morgan is a British television personality who hosts a syndicated program on the Cable News Network (CNN). Morgan has come under fire recently from Conservative activists for espousing his anti-gun views after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

Morgan recently invited Radio show host Alex Jones on his program to discuss the issue. Jones had actually participated in a recent petition to the White House to have Morgan deported from the United States for his political views.

My opinion?

Piers Morgan is a rather contemptible fellow, but for some reason CNN finds him valuable enough to employ him at their leisure. That is their prerogative and that is capitalism and free markets at their best. I disagree strongly with his views on firearms...but what do you expect of him? He's a European Socialist. They like to surrender their weapons so that people like Hitler and Stalin can kill millions of their fellow Socialists without being impeded by the nuisance of armed opposition. His views are idiotic, but they are no different than the views of the nutty American liberals like filmmaker Michael Moore and various others.

Alex Jones is a troublesome character. While I would defend his stances on gun control, his method of espousing those views is also contemptible. He not only signed the petition to deport Morgan, but also basically challenged him to a boxing match. He's a hothead...and he's not a Conservative.

Conservatives revere our Constitution. The very idea of deporting someone just because they held differing political opinions is offensive to Conservatives. We cherish our first Amendment rights and don't see them as conditional the way that liberals do.

Both Morgan and Jones are offensive and wrong, but they are entitled to their own political opinions.

To deport Morgan over his political views would be horribly wrong. That is something that countries like Cuba, Russia, and China would do. It would send a horrible message to the rest of the world if America started acting like her enemies.