Monday, June 22, 2009

Krekorian wants to bankrupt L.A.

Attention CD 2 voters! Paul Krekorian is headed your way, and he's bringing a whole lot of financial trouble along with him from Sacramento. It is bad enough that this Burbank resident has decided to seek the Los Angeles City Council position in Council District 2. The fact that he intends to bring his Sacramento-style mentality of irresponsibility and his overspending habits to L.A. is frightening. We already have Mayor Villaraigosa and a majority of the City Council Members, who are hard at work destroying this City. Adding Assemblyman Paul Krekorian to the mix would just be overkill. However, he would fit in very well downtown....
Wild-eyed liberalism. Phony altruism. Typical Statist mentality of entitlement and control. Fantasy world accounting.
Yeah, he would a perfect club member down at City Hall.

Listen to him say things like "across-the-board budget cuts are unfair, they are unwise.." (shudder)
Yeah, it is a much better idea to raise taxes and fees on a struggling public in the middle of a bad economy.
(Maybe they can raise the parking meters to $5 an hour!)

Much like the Chris Essel video below, hearing statements like this makes me ill.