Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Tom Campbell tonight - West L.A.

If you feel like you might have heard of him before, you probably have. Frequent Mayor Sam readers have been seeing his ads over on the right side of this page for over a month. Tom Campbell worked in the Reagan Administration and also served as a US Congressman representing the Silicon Valley Area.

One of the best items on his resume is that he served as State Finance Director and during his term , the State budget was balanced with no tax increases and no borrowing.

Not sure how I feel about him. I'm not particularly excited by any of the Republican Candidates for Governor right now. They need to do more to convince me. Campbell seems to be fiscally Conservative, which I like a lot, but he also supported the horrible Prop 1A... a big tax hike on the May ballot. He is going to have some "splaining" to do tonight.

My group, Westside Republicans, hosts both Tom Campbell and Congressional candidate David Benning tonight at our monthly dinner in Westwood. See the Westside Republicans website for more details.