Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Comments at City Council - June 10, 2009

I spoke at City Council on Wednesday, June 10th and my comments caused a little stir of controversy. Several people contacted me to say that they really liked what I said. One person even said I was "terrific". However, other people were not so pleased about it and some of them contacted  the Republican Party to complain. I was contacted about these complaints and said that, yes, I was very tough on the City Council, but I still felt that I was right.

Instead of being a bad representative of the Party, I feel that I am one of the few still defending it and its principles. Conservatives have been playing defense since Nov 2008. I'm just here to remind them that we exist. 

Yes, even in the blue state of California.

My comments, delivered at Los Angeles City Hall on June 10th, 2009.....


Good Morning Councilmembers.

My name is Phil Jennerjahn and I would like to start today with a quote from Gerald Ford, who in 1974, said "A government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take from you everything you have."  Unfortunately, a lot of people here in Los Angeles are learning this the hard way. Yesterday hundreds of City employees came here to cry and to complain. They are learning that Socialism has the magical power to make everyone equally miserable.

The City says that they need to give furloughs and make layoffs. Well... of course they do! It is the intrinsic, age old problem that has always plagued Socialist societies ... eventually, you run out of other peoples money.

City and Union employees  yesterday were adamant about how important they were. About how vital their services were. Well, I have a suggestion for them if they aren't happy...

Quit! Quit en masse. Take your services to the private sector. See what they will pay you to be a Parks and Recreation manager, a Parking Enforcement Officer, a wastewater management worker, an office file clerk.

Certainly , if you are valuable, the private sector will pay you much, much more for your services.
But no...City won't do that. 
You prefer the soft tyranny of Socialism!!
A mighty and powerful nanny-state government that sees all, knows all, controls all, and decides all!!
And are complaining that you don't like it anymore!
Well, excuse me, but you are not going to be getting a lot of sympathy from me.

Most of you have chosen the path of your own destruction!! 
Yes, I'm talking to you...
... members of the SEIU, EAA, UTLA, AFSCMA, AFL-CIO !!
You voted for this! Your unions donated money to the Mayor and to many members of this City Council.
83% of the registered voters decided not to vote in the Mayoral election in March... and now, they will pay a terrible price for it.

There is a solution, however. I am launching a recall action against Mayor Villaraigosa. He spent over 3 MILLION dollars on his Mayoral campaign in March of 2009 and only got 9% of the registered voters to vote for him. Does this sound like someone who should be in charge of the second largest city in America??

I am building a website... Recall Antonio . Com ...and I plan to organize a protest at the Mayors swearing in ceremony in July. If you wish to be involved, leave messages for me at the Mayor Sam website. Thank you.

Later, in the same session, the subject of the City being sued by laid off or furloughed employees came up.

I said in my comments...


This subject is about the City being sued. My answer to this is, if the workers want to sue,.. then let them sue! I think the courts should throw out these suits. The City has no budget to pay them with.
The City government has no obligation to employ people. OK? It has no obligation to give obscene pensions to them, either. Alright?

Ronald Reagan , he once said -  quote, "When government expands, liberty contracts" unquote.
That is an important quote because every city job is paid for by taxpayers. OK? So losing a few jobs isn't going to bother me. I think that paying for these jobs robs people of their freedom to do other things with their money.

Now, you might already know that I'm kind of a contrarian. Most visits I come here to City Council and I don't ask you to spend money on things...I almost always ask you to not spend money on things.

I want to see courage at City Council!
I want to see backbone at City Council!

Just for an example... last week when I was here these red-shirted Socialists from ACORN came here and they were demanding free housing or reduced housing. Instead of telling them to get lost, you caved to them..!!! You said "Oh...we will try to take care of you." Even Council President Eric Garcetti got up there and said "We will try to get that Obama money for you."  That is a whole 'nother disaster...I won't even go into that.

One of my heroes, Alexander the Great, he once had a quote that "In order to be a truly great leader, you have to be willing to be cruel to people that you love." What he meant by that is that you have to be tough on people... you can't give them the warm blanket of Socialism and say "I'll take care of you."

Just once. Just once when I come here to City Council I would like to see you address all these people who come here and say "I want...I want..I want."  Just once I would like you to look at them and say "You are NOT getting what you want...because it is not the job of government to give that to you!!" Thank You.