Sunday, July 8, 2012

The biggest threat to America

The biggest threat right now to America isn't Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is just a fool that we can get rid of in the upcoming election.

His policies are horrible and harmful, but unfortunately, many of the effects will still linger after he is gone.

The single biggest threat to America right now....beyond any army or terrorist, is the collapse of our currency caused by the awful economic policies of our government.

It is a mathematical fact that our national debt is impossible to pay off. Even if the government seized every penny of currency in the world, there still wouldn't be enough money to pay it off.

But the national debt is a bit misleading, because a huge chunk of it is money we owe to ourselves. How do you pay yourself back?

The answer?

Well, when you have been spending money you don't have, and cranking up the printing presses to produce fiat backed up by nothing but jeopardize your entire economy and your countries financial future. Usually this leads to a devaluation of your currency and difficult economic times.

Back when we were on a gold or silver standard, our money had real with these irresponsible economic policies, our money and our value are disappearing before our very eyes.

Obama is the biggest thief in human history. His policies have eroded so much value from our money, that the hundreds of millions of Americans -- and indeed, the billions of the people around the world who depend on US currency for their medium of exchange -- have lost trillions of dollars of wealth just based on the decline of our moneys value.

It isn't so much the cost of gasoline that is going up, as it is the value of a dollar that is going down.

Experts like Peter Schiff above point out that flooding the market with cheap money and keeping inflation artificially low are dangerous precedents to set.

Quantitative Easing is a recipe for financial collapse and our government needs to stop doing it. It is a reckless policy that cheats people out of value across the globe.

I am not like one of those Ron Paul supporters who vilify the Federal Reserve. Every country needs a currency and a medium of exchange. If it wasn't the Federal Reserve, somebody else would be running the money supply and they might be doing an equally poor job. Or maybe even worse.

While the Federal Reserve is part of the problem, more of the blame lies in our political leaders and their tendency to bribe voters with taxpayer funds.

Welfare, Medicare, make-work projects, etc...

If we don't get our politicians weaned off of the bribery teat, we won't have much of a future to look forward to.