Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If Obamacare lives, American Freedom dies

I'm still upset about Chief Justice Roberts allowing Obamacare to continue.

We have a Constitution that prescribes a limited government.

If Obamacare continues to live, American Freedom will die.

It will be the end of our status as an exceptional nation, and the beginning of our slide towards irrelevance.... like the Roman, Spanish, and British Empires.

There is no health care crisis in the United States.

We have the most talented doctors and the most advanced equipment on earth.

America-hating dictators come running to us for help when they have a serious health crisis that requires the utmost competence in health care.

It is true that many Americans can't afford health care.

So what? They can't afford a shiny new Ferrari either, but that doesn't make it the governments responsibility to pay for that item, either.

Government Socialization of health care is wrong and extremely dangerous.

Just wait until you have lunatics like Maxine Waters or Valerie Jarrett making a cost-benefit analysis on crucial medical procedures. You'll be running and screaming for a free market before you know what hit you.

This is the main reason that socializing medicine in the United States is too dangerous to allow.

People like Waters and Jarrett would quickly and happily deny you a crucial organ transplant if they knew you had donated money to Mitt Romney.

A free-market hospital wouldn't be concerned with your political affinities.
They would just ask that you pay them for services rendered.

Yes, millions of Americans don't have health insurance. So what?

Millions didn't have health insurance in 1775, 1861, or 1930 either.
Yet somehow our nation still exists.

The insane power grab of the government over medical services will only produce misery, not results.

There are no successful Socialist countries.

The burden of bureaucratic incompetence helped collapse the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. Most of Europe is teetering on the verge of economic collapse due to the high cost of government meddling with social services.

One final point.

Why the hell should the government run anything?

So that we can get the speed and efficiency of the DMV? Or the economic efficiency and competitiveness of the Post Office? Or the kind-hearted empathy of the IRS?

No. Governments use force.

They don't give you value for your money.

Governments are poor economic partners.

They are a bad idea to manage your medicine.

As a customer, you should take your business elsewhere.