Thursday, July 26, 2012

To Marilyn Carpinteyro of Common Cause:

To: Marilyn Carpinteyro, Director for Outreach, Common Cause
From: Phil Jennerjahn, Republican Nominee for Congress, CA-28

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for your recent email, but I'm afraid we won't be having any more discussions about this subject because we clearly do not see eye to eye on this issue.

Unfortunately, you buy into the liberal fantasy that just because someone has a large amount of money, they can somehow "control" the outcome of an election.

You forget that Meg Whitman spent over $140 million dollars running for Governor of California -- and lost. By over a million votes.

Despite that wild spending, voters were clearly able to identify a candidate they didn't care for, and avoid her in the voting booth.

You and your group also buy into the liberal fantasy that any and all money involved in an election is somehow "wrong" or will lead to negative outcomes.

American citizens who vote are absolutely free to elect anyone that they want to public office, including underfunded or grassroots candidates, or even people who share your mistaken ideologies.

Your attitude clearly shows a lack of faith or trust in your fellow human beings.
You believe that they are sheep to be led around by the biggest dollar sign around.

The fact that you and your organization feel the need to "control" an election or its financing makes you Statists -- and dangerous threats to human freedom.

Political donations are free speech. The people making those donations are expressing their free will, and that free will should not be limited.

Limiting them in any way, shape, or form is an act of tyranny.

I won't be signing your "Declaration for Democracy" ... because it is not Democracy that you seek!

You seek Tyranny, and as a result I want nothing to do with you or your group.


Phil Jennerjahn
Republican Nominee for Congress (CA-28)