Saturday, June 30, 2012

Armenian National Committee 2012 Questionnaire

Below are the answers to my questionnaire from the Armenian National Committee of America.
Their questions tend to revolve around Armenian-specific issues.

(From ANCA)

Below are questions on issues of special concern to Armenian American voters. Please fax or email the completed questionnaire to the ANCA at (202) 775-5648 or

1) Will you co-sponsor and support the Congressional Armenian Genocide Resolution?

This is a difficult question for me to answer because it is actually two questions. are asking me if I support Armenia. Of course I do. They are some of the worlds first Christians.

Two... you are asking me to spend time in Congress writing resolutions that I feel are a waste of time. I am a person that focuses on the big picture and the future. I think Armenian efforts are better spent on other goals instead of trying to shame the Turks... because to be quite honest about it ... the Turks don't care! Armenians can't undo what has been done. The Turks murdered your ancestors because they are Muslims, and that faith has nothing but a genocidal hatred for every other faith on earth. They had no compunctions about doing what they did in 1915, and they would have absolutely no compunctions about doing it again if given the opportunity. You cannot compromise with evil....because evil will not compromise with you. Trying to have conversations with them about this subject is a waste of time.

2. Will you oppose "historical commissions" and other efforts to call into doubt the Armenian Genocide?

Again, this is more focusing on the past that I feel is unproductive. I will be happy to read into my comments in Congress that I believe the Muslim Turks are responsible for murdering 1.5 million Armenians from 1915-1923.

I will also be happy to publicly state that I believe that the Muslim Turks are still a long-term threat and intend to do the Armenians more harm in the future.

Of course, you can always vote for my opponent, Adam Schiff, who is buddy-buddy with an organization called "CAIR". They would be happy to tell you that I am silly and wrong, and that the peaceful Muslims in Turkey and elsewhere have no ill intentions whatsoever towards Armenia.

3. Do you support decisive steps to help end the genocide in Darfur?

I would support predator drone strikes on Janjaweed positions and troops, but I see no specific reason to commit American ground troops to fight a Civil War in Sudan.

4. Do you support U.S. aid and other programs to strengthen Armenia's self-reliance?

I think Armenia needs a high-tech, well-trained military to defend themselves from hostile and aggressive neighbors. They also need alliances with other militarily powerful nations to discourage predatory neighbors from acting out.

5. Do you support developmental and humanitarian aid to Nagorno Karabagh?

I support freedom and independence worldwide for all who desire it.

6. Do you support actions to expand U.S. - Armenia economic relations?

Yes, the free flow of goods and services is a positive thing for everyone worldwide.

7. Do you support maintaining parity in U.S. military aid to Armenia and Azerbaijan?

No. I would not vote for one penny of assistance to Azerbaijan, but this is due to my hardliner stance against Muslim nations. I would not vote for one penny of assistance to any of them, because I believe they have malicious intentions towards the rest of the world.

8. Do you support the Nagorno Karabagh Republic's right to independence?

Yes, as I stated before, I support freedom and independence worldwide for all who desire it.

9. Do you support maintaining Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act, limiting aid to Azerbaijan?

If I become an elected official and earn the privilege of casting votes in Washington, my message to Muslim countries will be clear and concise: "I will give you nothing." They harbor ill intentions towards the rest of the world.

10. Do you support legislative and other means to urge Turkey to end its blockade of Armenia?

Personally, I want to break off diplomatic relations with all Muslim countries. I want nothing to do with these people. They intend to do us harm. They are our friends in about the same way the Japanese were on December 6th. One of the first legislative goals of mine would be to eliminate immigration or visits from people with passports from these countries. That would send a very clear message.

11. Do you support linking Turkey's ability to purchase U.S. arms to its progress in ending its blockade of Armenia, occupation of Cyprus, attacks on Kurds, restrictions on Christians, and rights abuses?

I've actually been to Turkey, so I have a little different perspective on this issue. I found the Turks to be arrogant, aggressive and militaristic. They have an enormous chip on their shoulder over losing the power and influence of the Ottoman Empire. Some of the people I spoke with in Turkey actually gloated over what they had done to the Greeks (in Cyprus) and the Armenians. And they also expressed negative sentiments and open hostility towards their geographical neighbors.

The Turks are bad customers. I wouldn't sell them any weapons whatsoever.