Thursday, June 7, 2012

My buddy....Mitt Romney?

I came to a sudden realization yesterday that a candidate that I'm not so fond of might turn out to be my best buddy in the whole world.

I've been pretty clear about my lack of enthusiasm for the candidacy of Mitt Romney. I have some severe ideological differences with him, and I'm not so fond of some of his flip-flopping in the past. However, he will be the party standard bearer in the fall election, and if I want Obama out of office, I have no choice but to support Mitt Romney.

Do I think he would be a great President? Well, that is difficult to say.
I am certain he would be better than Obama...and for now, that is all I ask of him.

One thing that has been very impressive about Romney is his fundraising and his organization.

I realize that I might get a "ride-along" with Romney if he spends money in California.

His volunteers might get more voters to the polls. That would help me.

If he starts winning the election early...if he's up by five points in the polls and wins Virginia, Florida and Ohio early, discouraged Democrats in California might not bother to go to the polls. That also helps me.

The old adage "Politics makes for strange bedfellows" is an adaptation of a Shakespearean quote.

And if I end up rooting like crazy for Mitt Romney this fall, the irony will not be lost on me.