Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bye Bye Betsy!

I firmly believe that Betsy Butler is going to lose her November election for State Assembly.

I have several reasons for believing this.

1) Butler annoyed voters with too much mailing in her campaign. As a result, she only pulled in about 25% of the vote in the primary. She also pulled the "plastic baby bottle" stunt, which was just outright weirdness.

2) Her opponent, Mayor Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, has a powerful support base of voters built in.

3) Bloom also stayed out of the Betsy Butler/Torie Osborn dustup, which led to some hurt feelings in the Osborn camp.

4) I believe most Osborn voters will tend to go to Bloom, out of animosity towards Butler.

5) Bradley Torgan has a decent crowd of supporters, and I believe somewhat over 50% of them will go to Bloom, giving him the numbers he needs.