Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eric Garcetti's Bonfire of The Vanities

This might be the most important blog post I've ever written.

It could possibly change the outcome of the Mayoral Election in May.

Right now, Eric Garcetti has a slight lead over Wendy Greuel.

But nothing is written in stone. The election will be a close one.

Do I support either one of the two candidates?

No, I'm writing in my own name on the ballot in protest.

(I was the best candidate in 2009, too!)

Anyway.... on to the story.

Years ago, community activist Zuma Dogg told me a fascinating story about Eric Garcetti.

The story had many similarities to the movie "The Bonfire of the Vanities"

I want to repeat for legal reasons that these are allegations.
I do not know enough to say that the following statements are factually true.

The vague details.

Many years ago, the story alleges that Eric Garcetti was drunk and hit a kid on a bicycle while he was driving a city-owned vehicle in Echo Park. The kid was shaken up, but not badly hurt. Eric took the kid and the bicycle back to where the kid lived. He apologized and got the family to cover up the incident.

However, the story doesn't end there.

One of the family members tells the whole story to a close family friend. That "family friend" goes to Zuma Dogg and wants him to expose Garcetti and the whole story.

I believe Zuma Dogg considered blowing up the story back in 2008 or 2009. There are some vague mentions about it in the media from back then. this is the end of the "allegedly" part of the Eric Garcetti/Bonfire of the Vanities story.

Now, I had always kept this story in the back of my head.

What if the story is true?

We are about 45 days away from watching Eric Garcetti's coronation as the next Mayor of Los Angeles. This is a story that, if true, could cripple his career ambitions.

What if Wendy could find this kid or this family and hold a press conference about it on the steps of City Hall?

You could say goodbye to "The Prince of The City."

So yeah... attention Wendy Greuel!

You might want to call Zuma Dogg. He's not a difficult man to find.