Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wendy Greuel will be Mayor of Los Angeles.... even if she has to beat you to death with her own campaign literature

Did you get this in the mail?

Unfortunately, I did.

I'm sure that many of you who vote regularly in City Elections also received it.

Let's take a closer look at this magnum opus from the Wendy Greuel campaign.

Hmm. 36 pages. Already a bit much for the casual voter to comprehend.

She talks about the problems the City faces. She talks about how she will be the all-solving conqueror when elected Mayor. Already, alarm bells are going off in my head.

Greuel has been part of the problem for a decade. She voted along with the other Socialists on City Council for spending program after spending program. As Controller, she identified government waste, fraud and abuse, but did nothing to curb these practices.

The mailer goes on to showcase shiny photos of her with Bill Clinton and Richard Riordan and Barbara Boxer. Lots of talk about "investing" and "creating"...which makes me very nervous. That is not the proper role of government.

The last thing anyone on earth should have wanted in the last 8 years was to hand more money over to that showboating degenerate Antonio Villaraigosa. The City is not in better shape than when he took power....but that was never any concern of his. Like Obama, Villaraigosa is a looter, and is completely unconcerned about others, or the future of the City.

To her credit, I think Greuel is somewhat of a pragmatist. I think as Mayor she would try to do what she could try to do. I don't think she has the ideological intensity of Eric Garcetti. That man is a true believer is his government-creating-liberal-nirvana nonsense. And that scares me.

It's a shame that Wendy is probably going to lose this election. She had a big amount of momentum early, but turned off a lot of voters by beating up on Jan Perry in the primaries. Humiliating Jan Perry over her personal bankruptcies was a tactical error. It was unnecessary, because Jan Perry was not a threat to her in the primaries. Now, she probably won't even get 40% of the vote in African American households.

Wendy can still win, but she needs a big comeback. A momentum changer.

I don't know what that would be.

Poor Wendy.

I don't know if I have ever seen a political figure want a job so badly.

And if current trends continue, Wendy is going to be facing a cloudy future on Election Night.