Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Live Tweeting the Mayoral Debate

I watched and commented on Twitter about the Los Angeles Mayoral Debate.

I'm still livid at NBC for hosting a Mayoral debate in 2005 and another in 2013, but totally screwing the Mayoral candidates in 2009 (of which I was one).

Here are the Tweets (I have reversed the Twitter order for a more logical read):

Might do some live Tweeting of the Mayoral Debate. Interesting how can hold one in 2005 and 2013. Why did they skip 2009?!!

now sees the light on explosive pension debt. Only took her 10 years. Clever lady.

"tried to be the Education Mayor"??!!! LOL. ROFLMAO.

Neither one of these horrible liberals has said anything about getting government out of education. More failure guaranteed.

Did just talk about chasing down truants outside of school??!! Easy, stormtrooper!! This is still a free country

is involved with that NUTTY Ciclavia shutting down streets for bicycles? Knew there was something I didn't like about him.

calls Westsiders "prisoners in their own homes". Drama Queen. Yes, traffic is horrible, but more govt is not the answer.

Hey NBC, thanks for that televised debate in 2009 so voters could know who was best!! The blood is on your hands.

Graffiti problems: a sign of worthless liberal leaders & a general lack of respect for law and order, like sanctuary Mayor

is a master of political non- speak!! Talks for 10 minutes without saying anything!!

Why do engineers leave town? Because they don't care to hand over half their paychecks to & !!

What about the people who despise every elected official in town?

I don't recognize the City they are both talking about. Jobs growth. Reduced traffic, graffiti?

Job promotion isn't needed. Just stop electing Nanny-State leaders like and - they are economic poison!

She's a Socialist. They are all wannabe Totalitarians.

Listening to complain about and her money is just... I don't know. Not impressed.

When just said "I did the right thing"-- she sounded like a liar.

is mad name-dropping right now. Really makes me dislike her. If she was so awesome, she'd be destroying

Oh yeah, came up with the pothole app for iPhone. That city budget stuff will go away if you ignore it!!

"I'm going to be a strong leader for LA!" Well, maybe. There's a 50% chance you will just be Private Citizen Wendy Greuel.