Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alan Keyes video

Alan Keyes is a Conservative activist who ran against Barack Obama in the Illinois campaign for US Senate in 2004. Keyes didn't have much of a chance, as he was a last minute replacement for Jack Ryan, who dropped out when some rather spicy details about his divorce from Star Trek actress Jeri Ryan hit the front pages of newspapers. Keyes was accused of being a carpetbagger because he didn't even live in Illinois. He lost badly in the election and Obama was on his way to Washington.

Keyes obviously has no love lost for Obama, referring to him as "the person you call 'President Obama' ".

Watch this video and see if you can dispute many of the things he says. People tend to write him off as being crazy, but he speaks his mind on many important subjects in this video. Because he has no chance of being elected to anything in the near future, he is free to say many things other politicians are afraid to say.