Monday, April 27, 2009

Koretz Goes Dirty

I've been receiving a lot of political fliers in the mail lately, as I am a resident of the Fifth Council District and there is a hotly contested runoff election underway between Paul Koretz and David Vahedi. Paul Koretz has been going after David Vahedi in a way that I feel is more than a bit underhanded and rather low class. Koretz's latest barrage of mailings features him in a photo working with Zev Yaroslavsky in Zev's City Council Office. The photo was clearly taken back in the 1970's.

His attack ad against David Vahedi makes a lot of nonsensical claims that Vahedi is in bed with advertisers and is responsible for bus bench advertising all over the city. It is simply ridiculous.

Who do you think has the bigger chance of having been corrupted by big money donors?
The career politician Koretz.... or the first time candidate Vahedi?

Koretz also has a lot of negative history that he isn't coming clean about.
Koretz was a member of the State Legislature for the 42nd Assembly District from 2000-2006. 
Yes, that State Legislature... the one where Assembly members were handing out money like candy and voting yes on massive deficits without any concern for their citizens.

Koretz bothers me because he is a typical liberal. He wants to control the lives of others.
He voted for gun-banning ordinances.. which is something I always hate in a politician.

He also voted to make smoking illegal for people under 21. can get married, and serve in the military at 18, but a cigarette is too much responsibilty for you to handle. That is Paul Koretz thinking for you. And deciding just exactly how he wants you to live your life.

Paul Koretz also has a Jerry Brown problem.

Do we really need to send him back to an office that he worked in 33 years ago..??