Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Path

I have decided to become a blogger. I previously was not interested in this, as I have many other activities, associations and friendships that draw heavily on my time. However, in light of my recent political activities, I think it might be fair to let people in cyberspace know more about me, my goals, and what I am trying to achieve.

I recently ran for Mayor of Los Angeles in the election of March 2009. I ran because I believed in myself and my own abilities. I have always been a leader. In high school, college, and in the military, I have repeatedly been chosen to lead others. I believe that I have people skills that many do not have. 

I did not spend a lot of money on my campaign, because I knew that as a political newcomer, victory was probably out of reach for me on my first try at elected office. I represented a message of fiscal Conservatism. This is something new for voters in Los Angeles. It is something they are in dire need of in this city.

I was beaten quite badly in the election, but I do not look at the experience as a complete loss.
I gained experience and made new friends and political connections.
I believe this will help me in the future in other attempts at being elected to public office.

My conduct during the campaign impressed many and helped me find a new path.

I was chosen by Chairman Rob Pedersen to be the Media Spokesman for the Westside Republicans.
We are rapidly growing our organization with people who are not thrilled with the leadership in this City, State, and Country. We are currently organizing a push to defeat Proposition 1A... a dangerous ballot proposal up for a vote on May 19th.

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