Friday, August 7, 2009

Freedom of Speech issues at Mayor Sam blog

I just got an earful from David Saltsburg (a.k.a. Zuma Dogg) who called me this morning and really let me have it over some freedom of speech issues here at Mayor Sam. Recently, contributor Joe B issued a decree that all posts mentioning Zuma Dogg will be deleted or edited out. Maybe you will never see this one, but I will put it on my blog, just in case. If you only see it at my blog, then it was deleted by someone at Mayor Sam.

The concept of this seems very un-American to me, and I dislike the idea. As much as I don't always agree with what Zuma Dogg has to say, I will always defend his right to say it. In fact, I am tough enough that I will even defend the people who criticize and abuse me here on Mayor Sam. I ran for Mayor, making me a public figure. If people want to make petty comments or insults about me, that is their right. I have to sit here and take it. Part of the job description.

But to be banned or edited out of media ? Very disturbing trend. I emailed Michael Higby about this and said it would really damage his blog and his reputation. I don't think the blog should be "all-Zuma, all the time," but a total ban? It's not right. And everyone knows it.

Joe B is showing some true hypocrisy here. He comments on Red Spots story on political expression saying he likes freedom of expression, but turns around and acts like a dictator and says... "no freedom for Zuma." Zuma Dogg chewed me out for not showing enough leadership on this issue...and he was right. I suppose I could always threaten to quit Mayor Sam over the issue, but to be quite honest, issuing ultimatums isn't always the best way to deal with a conflict. Let me say this publicly... although Zuma Dogg is not an elected official, he has a big heart. He does a lot of community activism and I think he is one of the better candidates for CD 2. He was so distressed about this issue, he was thinking about dropping out of the race. I hope he thinks twice about that.