Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watermelons and Carpetbaggers

Looks like Sunland-Tujunga experienced something completely new today. At their Watermelon Festival, the residents were overrun by a swarm of carpetbagging politicians. Some locals claimed the politicians were as thick as a swarm of flies. Others claimed that the flies were less bothersome.

Carpetbagging politician Paul Krekorian was given a tour of CD 2 and the Watermelon Festival by Mayor Sam blogger Joe B. The Higby-endorsed Burbank Democrat seemed to be adjusting well to his new surroundings.

On his Facebook page, Joe B. also claims to have given a tour and directions to Tamar Galatzan. Unfortunately, Joe B. was not as generous to the GPS-challenged Christine Essel, who was one of the last candidates to arrive.
Savvy Mayor Sam readers are well aware that Essel has a problem with directions and addresses.

Others spotted seeking votes were Michael McCue and local businessman Frank Sheftel. Sheftel said he was happy to meet so many CD 2 voters today.

David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg says he was looking forward to meeting everyone - including the LA Parent Union - but couldn't make it there today. "I hope people aren't voting for City Council based on who shows up for the Watermelon Festival or not." If you missed Zuma Dogg and want to know his policies and issues, you can check his blog for all his positions over the last three years. He said hopefully he will be there Sunday. He also said he will be on Kevin James radio show on AM 870 on Monday at 9:30 p.m.