Monday, August 17, 2009

Kevin James unloads on Chris Essel, talks with Zuma Dogg

KRLA Radio Show Host Kevin James spent the night discussing local politics on his show Monday. A good portion of the show was dedicated to Kevins opinion that Chris Essel is a terrible candidate for Council District 2. "I wouldn't vote for her if she was the only name on the ballot!" he repeatedly exclaimed to listeners. James went on to unload on Essel...calling her a "carpetbagger" who doesn't even live in Council District 2. He described as "shady" her connections to the money that donors from AEG have poured into her campaign. (Yes... that AEG...of the Michael Jackson funeral fiasco.)

Kevin James and KRLA have invited all ten candidates for the CD 2 office to come on the Kevin James Show to talk about their campaign. 9 of the 10 agreed to talk with him.

Essel, who James also called "the Queen Bee of runaway film production", was the only one to turn down the offer to appear on the radio show. James called it "giving the voters the middle finger salute".

"The level of arrogance truly amazes me", he said in disbelief.

The main guest on the show was CD 2 Candidate David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg, who went on the show to talk about his campaign for the City Council position. Zuma was his usual, colorful self and gave lengthy answers to the questions he was asked. Zuma Dogg was especially tough on Chris Essel and Tamar Galatzan, basically calling Essel a puppet and saying that Tamar won't make any changes in City Hall.

Zuma Dogg forgot to use his best line ever. About Tamar getting in the Mayor's "getaway car".

It was a local spin on a quip he used earlier in the year. He was having a conversation with me about the election in March when he casually mentioned that "Antonio and Wendy were waiting in the getaway car...but Jack Weiss didn't make it...they left without him."

I laughed so hard I started crying.

Classic Zuma Dogg. I'll remember that quote for the rest of my life.