Thursday, August 20, 2009

VICA : Elitists, Snobs & Phonies

The Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) is holding a debate tomorrow morning at the Sportsmans Lodge Hotel in Studio City. The event is scheduled for 7:45 to 10 AM.

There are multiple problems with this.

1) They only invited three candidates of the ten running for the CD 2 spot.
Chris Essel, Tamar Galatzan, and Paul Krekorian. Also known as "the Big 3". I have heard that maybe Mary Benson has wrangled her way into the event, but I am unsure about that.

2) They are charging people $20 to see only 30% of the candidates.

Media aware and internet-savvy political junkies would have already known to go see all ten candidates at the Sunland-Tujunga event. Cost? Free!

3) This limiting of the event, by a private organization, is perfectly acceptable. However, it shows that the organization lacks class and lacks dignity. For them, it is perfectly acceptable to exclude certain candidates from an event like this. Inviting some, but not all, shows their true character...or lack of it.

4) VICA members should be offended that the organization has invited ONLY Democrats to participate.
Actually, I think their members should get their heads examined. Democrats always find a way to harm businesses and regulate them out of existence. If there was a good Republican like Joe Essavi in the race, I'd want to hear about him.

5) The candidates themselves should had had the dignity, honor, and grace to object to something like this. It makes a mockery of the democratic process when you exclude people. It's Un-American.

When I was running for Mayor of Los Angeles, I was invited to dozens and dozens of these types of forums and debates. I always made it clear to the organizers that I would not attend if the other candidates on the ballot were not invited. If the candidates later chose not to show up...then that was a different matter.

As a political leader, you have to always be concerned about the freedom of others to be involved in the process. Essel, Krekorian, and Galatzan are not concerned with anyone else's freedom.
That makes them very dangerous people to elect to political office.

CD 2 voters need to be wary of these three people.

If I was in their position, I would be sending out press releases saying that I would not be attending this event because other candidates were being excluded. It would offend my sense of honor and dignity.

But from "the Big 3" ?? Not a peep. Because they lack character, and are not true leaders.

If any of you attend this event tomorrow, you might want to ask them how they will protect the freedoms of voters in CD 2, when they wouldn't even stand up for their fellow candidates.