Friday, October 23, 2009

Frank Sheftel announces endorsement on Kevin James Show

Tonight, Frank Sheftel, the former CD 2 candidate, went on the Kevin James Radio show. He and Kevin spoke about the issues concerning the marijuana collectives, patients, and the City Attorneys office. While they spoke on this subject for some time, Frank ended his guest appearance with an endorsement of former CD 2 rival Christine Essel. He also released this statement to the media:

Sheftel Endorses Essel in the L.A. City Council District 2 Run-off Election

With the run off election less then 7 weeks away I have decided to announce who I am supporting in this race. I have met with both candidates and have attended several events since the primary and seen both Christine & Paul in action. Both have sat down and had private meetings with me and have been very candid and forthcoming in my questioning of them. Both have a lot to offer and both come with concerns. Frankly both have asked for my support & I am honored and humbled. It's been a great experience to run a campaign against such a diverse and committed group of people.

At this time and in this particular situation, with our city and state facing a crisis situation I believe that Christine Essel is the right choice for City Council and to represent CD 2. She has the education, the experience and the connections to hit the ground running and get the job done. She is not backed by the Mayor and doesn't come with the added baggage of being from the political machine. Like myself and many of the other grassroots candidates she truly wants to make a difference in the community she grew up in and has signed a pledge not to run for any other office. A pledge I haven't seen Paul Krekorian sign. Paul is currently a State Assembly Member having just been re-elected, and is in a position already to effect change, He is not termed out yet and as a matter of fact can run for another term. The cost of another special election to fill his Assembly seat (estimated at 2 million dollars) weighed heavy in my decision. Christine Essel will have less then a year and a half to prove herself at which time this seat is up again. If she lives up to what I believe are sincere and realistic goals then we are better as a community. If not, there are many others ready to run for that seat. I have met with all the former CD2 candidates since the primary. We all care about this district and want to see someone in there that will best represent us. I become the fourth former candidate to support Christine Essel.( David Saltsburg, Augusto Bisani and Joe Essavi have already endorsed Essel). I hope that the remaining four will follow suit and we can all come out united behind one Candidate. I am pleased and proud to support Christine Essel for L. A. City Council and urge all my supporters and the rest of CD2 voters to do the same.

Frank Sheftel


For those of you who are keeping track, that is now four former rivals who have declared their support for Christine Essel.

Repeating the score....

Christine Essel 4
Paul Krekorian 0