Sunday, October 25, 2009

Krekorian's Tantrum: A True Diva Moment

Word is circulating back to The Jennerjahn Report about a disturbing incident that happened early in the special election campaign for the vacant seat in City Council District 2. It appears that Burbank Assemblyman Paul Krekorian threw a major temper tantrum in the City Clerk's office when he was denied the right to get his nominating petitions. On top of that he demanded the City Clerk use a ballot designation for his position that really actually does not exist. "San Fernando Valley Assemblymember?"? It sounds awfully suspicious.

Sources say that Krekorian also threw his weight around during his hissy if to say to City Clerk employees.."Don't you know who I am.??" It is unclear if he used those exact words, but it was clear that Paul Krekorian was letting them know he was an important elected official who had to catch a flight back to Sacramento very soon. In Pauls twisted vision, the City Clerk employees were there to serve him.

The problem with his paperwork was that Paul had not completed his official Ethics training with the City. Paul had not run for a City position before (because he lives in Burbank) and was not familiar with this requirement. Paul was upset that not getting his nominating papers would put him behind schedule with this latest, ambitious run for office. Paul threw his weight around. He mentioned that he was an elected official, a State Assembly Member. Paul mentioned that he had a flight to catch back to Sacramento and "didn't have time for this!.." .

When the City Clerks came back with the answer that Paul would not be allowed to get his paperwork that day, Krekorian was apoplectic. Angry and frustrated by his inability to get exactly what he wanted when he wanted it , Krekorian let loose with a burst of profanities. The exact words were heard by several witnesses, who said that the torrent included several uses of the "F bomb". Eventually, this tactic appears to have worked. Browbeaten and fatigued City Clerk employees allowed Krekorian to take his oath and get his papers, in direct circumvention of the rules.

Things we learned from this story:

1) Paul Krekorian has an explosive temper.
2)Paul Krekorian believes his government position entitles him to special treatment.
3) Paul Krekorian does not mind bending or breaking the rules to get what he wants.
4) Paul Krekorian will treat other government employees poorly if they are not at his same pay grade.

Now, I ask CD this really the man you want in power in your district for the next 14 years?

PS.. Krekorian's camp is welcome to deny this if they want.

(Disclaimer: Phil Jennerjahn has endorsed Christine Essel in the CD 2 special election.)