Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is John Walker Committing an Ethics Violation?

I am receiving complaints from political activists around the city that are pointing me to questionable behavior from Studio City Neighborhood Council Vice President John Walker. I won't reveal the details of the emails, as they were not originally sent to me, but they involve Walker inviting people to a special event for Paul Krekorian at CBS Radford Studios on Sunday, November 15th. In fact, the emails even go so far as to ask people to make donations to Krekorians campaign. The emails clearly are identifiable as coming from John Walkers Studio City Neighborhood Council email address.

The problem here is that elected Neighborhood Council members are not supposed to be doing this.

I guess John Walker must have skipped his ethics training session downtown.

(I have a funny story coming about Paul Krekorian wanting to avoid ethics training...more on this later...)

This is probably another event where they will want to keep the softball questions coming one after another.
They will want to keep out the riff-raff and have uninvited guests aggressively removed from the premises.
But who ...who can be called upon to organize security like that at an event like this?

Hmmm... one name comes to mind.

I have a feeling that John Walker and Judy Price are already familiar with each other...

...being as how they appear together on a Paul Krekorian mailer, shamelessly hyping him to uninformed Valley voters.

Memo to John: Give Judy a call.