Thursday, October 22, 2009

Los Angeles becoming "Dope City"

"Excuse me while I light my spliff" are the famous opening words to the song "Easy Skankin' " by Bob Marley - a song that has become an anthem to the pro-cannabis crowd.

Well, voters here in Los Angeles better get used to hearing that phrase. It is about to become a permanent part of our culture here in Los Angeles. The overly lax enforcement of Californias Medical Marijuana Initiative has led to cultural armageddon...the proliferation of over 1000(!) marijuana collectives and shops here in Los Angeles. Yes...that is not a misprint..ONE THOUSAND! marijuana shops here in Los Angeles.

New City Attorney Nuch Trutanich and District Attorney Steve Cooley have decided that this is a fight worth winning and are willing to take on the pot shops, declaring them to be "100% illegal". As a Conservative, I admire their character and toughness, but I worry that they may have picked a fight they can't win. As I mentioned to another involved person, I said "I think the toothpaste is out of the tube on this one." Even if Nuch and Cooley go crazy and bust 100 shops this week, I'm worried that 125 more new ones might open next week.

The Cannabis activists are a little less confident and worry about Nuch and Cooley. Degé Coutee, director of the Patient Advocacy Network, says that "Patients feel threatened in a new way in Los Angeles. They (Cooley and Trutanich) are re-creating reefer madness and are out of step with the will of the people. We want acceptable rules, not raids."

Cannabis Activists and Patients have arranged to protest all over the State of California tomorrow.

The Los Angeles protest will be at City Hall at 2p.m.

I already saw one protesters sign --- "ZINE! WTF!!"
(I'm sure Councilman Dennis Zine will like that one!)
I hope someone makes a big sign that says "LOS ANGELES IS DOPE CITY!!"

Because, as an activist pointed out to me .."There are now more dope dealers here in Los Angeles than in any place on earth...!"

This is depressing.

When you elect people like Villaraigosa and the City Council Members, you reap what you sow.