Friday, February 5, 2010

My comments at Griffith Park Wayist

Joseph Mailander runs a pretty far-left blog at Griffith Park Wayist.
Some of the far-left liberals from Mayor Sam have taken up residence there lately.
They chose to call me out on my recall efforts.

This was my response.

Wow! I missed all the excitement by not reading the Wayist for a few days. Been too busy. Here is an exclusive. The recall is going to happen. Momentum is building and progress is starting to snowball. Soon this thing will have achieved a specific gravity of its own. About my apparent "flip-flop"?? Not accurate. If you read my blog, you will find that I am a Goldwater Republican. I am firmly behind the belief that the government has no right to make marijuana illegal. That type of thinking leads to fascism, which is what I am fighting. A government that declares marijuana illegal can declare roses or tomatoes to be illegal also. A chilling thought there. I do think the government has the right to license businesses open to the public for the matter of public safety. I DID say in my blog that Nuch should shut down all the illegal ones if he is going to enforce the law. But I don't agree with the law in this matter. While I do not agree with the marijuana dispensary owners and do not share most of their goals, we do have a common cause.... The elimination of fascism from our government. Paul Koretz deciding that voters here no longer have the right to get their cats declawed. Grieg Smith and Tom LaBonge deciding that restaurant owners who specifically built patios for their smoking customers can no longer allow people to smoke OUTSIDE OF THE RESTAURANT in the areas specifically created for that!! These people are freedom-hating liberals. I will work hard to ensure their defeat and removal from office. If 1000 marijuana activists are willing to join my cause, then so be it.