Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Worst. Mayor. Ever.

It is really difficult to watch this BS from a totally incompetent elected official.

"Instead of making progress, we're headed in the wrong direction. That ends today"

Oh really? Why didn't it end a year ago, or two years ago?
Who has been in charge for five years now? Antonio Villaraigosa.
Clueless captain of the sinking ship. Unreal.

1,000 jobs being lost? What happened to the Green Jobs program?
Didn't Antonio just get back from Denmark , talking to world leaders about saving the planet?

His "instant retirement" ideas are pure lunacy. Financial suicide that could only be dreamed up by the lunatics on the left. It gives the City minimal breathing room now, crushing debt later.

I am going to repeat a statement that I made on the Ron Kaye blog recently:

If I am elected Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013,
Antonio Villaraigosa is going to jail.
My first act as Mayor will be to have him arrested and charged with theft, fraud and embezzlement.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait that long.

If the recall efforts I have launched are successful, the Mayor will not survive the recall election.