Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"An act of war against diplomacy itself"

Terrible news this morning. One day after the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we wake up to headlines that our American Ambassador to Libya has been killed.

President Obamas weak leadership has cost us even more lives today.

His non-stop apologies for the evil acts of Islamic followers are getting difficult to listen to.

He fails to understand the nature of Islam and the existential threat it poses to the rest of the world. If these people feel entitled to murder others simply because they are offended by criticism of their "prophet", then there will never be peace in this world.

Jimmy Carter was another weak leader who didn't understand this, either.

If you watch his response to the Iranian hostage crisis in November of 1979, you will see the perfect example of an inept leader. His response? We won't buy oil from you anymore!


What Carter should have done is addressed the nation on television from the Oval Office the very next day. Here is what he should have said.

My fellow Americans,

I come to you tonight with disturbing news. Yesterday, November 4th, 1979, our Embassy in the nation of Iran was overrun by revolutionary activists, and over 60 of our Embassy staff were captured and they are now being held hostage by this group.

The Iranian military and police have been unwilling to help. The reason for their lack of support comes from a perceived slight by our country against theirs, as we supported the former ruler of Iran, Shah Reza Pahlavi, who was later removed from power by these same revolutionary forces.

Whatever their political differences with our nation, their current behavior is basically an act of terrorism against our citizens. It is an act of war against diplomacy itself. By attacking an embassy and its staff, Iran has now removed itself from the list of civilized, respectable and honorable nations.

Our response to this aggression by Iran has to be swift, just, and it has to be absolute.

If these hostages are not released by the Iranian revolutionaries and safely out of their country by this weekend, then on Monday, November 12th, I will call for a special session of Congress and ask for a Declaration of War against the nation of Iran.

I am fully aware that a war with Iran will jeopardize the lives of our citizens currently being held hostage by these revolutionaries. I understand and accept this, and I would hope that the families and the loved ones of those currently being held hostage would understand the position that I must take as the leader of the free world.

An attack of this nature is an act of war against diplomacy itself. A weak or confusing response to this aggression in Iran would only encourage this behavior to be repeated many times in many other locations around the globe.

That would be too high a price for our country to pay.

I do not relish the thought of sending our military into harms way, but as the President, my number one priority is to protect and defend the freedom of our citizens, whether at home or abroad. Our citizens in Iran are under siege, and our response to this threat has to be clear and unmistakable: we will defend our citizens freedoms with our last breath, if need be.

The Iranians have badly underestimated our resolve. I hope that in the next few days that their leaders will see the light and save their nation from what could become unprecedented physical destruction and massive loss of life.

I am prepared for their response, either positive or negative, and will act accordingly.
The path ahead of us will not be easy, but it a path we must take.

I ask for you, my fellow Americans, to remain strong in this time of crisis. And I ask for your prayers for your fellow Americans in Iran, who are living in fear for their lives at this very moment.

Good night, and may God bless our citizens in Iran, and may God continue to bless these United States of America.