Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My debate questions that expose Adam Schiff as a phony

Well, to be quite honest, I am not surprised by the current situation in my 2012 campaign.

Actually, I'm getting pretty used to it.

In my previous two political campaigns, I was never even able to get into the same room with my elected official opponents to discuss ideologies, philosophies, or to debate their views on current events. Voting members of the local community had no interest in holding their office holders accountable for their actions, and that trend continues to this day.

42 days until the election, and no civic groups have asked to see me debate Adam Schiff. The League of Women Voters is trying to put something together, but Adam Schiff is reluctant to leave his comfortable home in Maryland, come all the way back to California, and defend his Socialist voting record in front of a crowd of possibly hostile taxpayers.

In an attempt to get this message out to the media, I am going to use Twitter to tweet this article directly to several media sources. I have prepared several debate questions for Adam Schiff, but unfortunately, I will probably never get to ask them of him directly.

The questions are as follows....

1. Congressman Schiff, you are often seen in the media pandering to gay special interest groups. If you care so much about gay marriage, where were your legislative bills in the California State Senate to legalize and to institute gay marriage?

Of course, Schiff wouldn't be able to answer this question, because he is a phony. He is seizing on the issue of gay rights because it is currently trendy and he thinks it will get him votes (it might). But back in 1996-2001 when he was in the California State Senate and his district was a little more moderate, he wrote no such laws, because there was no advantage in it for him at the time. His district did not include the ultra-liberal City of West Hollywood like it does now.

I would also ask Schiff if he felt that it was a good idea to be riding around in gay pride parades in West Hollywood. Regardless of his answer, I would state that I felt it was improper for a government official to do something like that. To celebrate one group of people over another just because of how they define themselves through their sexual behavior is not something that the government should be doing.

2. Congressman Schiff, you are often held out to be an almost heroic figure to the Armenian community in Glendale for your political stance to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. Would you be willing to hire someone who was a Muslim or a Turk to work on your staff in your offices in Washington?

I would love to see Adam Schiff twist and squirm trying to answer this question. Again, it exposes him as a huge phony. He is such a hero to the Armenian community, that he can't say yes, but he is such a  politically correct ultra-liberal that he can't say no, either.

Me? I'm a Conservative. I have no problem stating that I would not hire a Muslim to work in my offices. The reason being that Muslims do not believe in many crucial American freedoms... freedom of speech... freedom of religion... they don't believe in womens rights ... gay rights, etc...etc.. so their personal ideology deeply conflicts with mine and makes them unemployable by my office.

Adam Schiff would never make that statement. Not in a million years.