Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Degenerate Festival 2012" continues in Charlotte

Here is the line up of pure horror headed your way today.

A motley crew of degenerates and deviates, all wanting to suck off the teat of the American taxpayer, will make their speeches to the public today.

Labor Boss Richard Trumka, who lives off of the sweat of hard-working union employees, will make his pitch for four more years of thuggery from him.

Vampire Nancy Pelosi, who lives off the blood of American Taxpayers, will spin her tale of nonsense and assure us that everything is rosy and that four more years of Obama will result in Nirvana.

"Student" Sandra Fluke will expand on her demand that taxpayers furnish her with at least $3,000 per year of contraception. Not a good bargain for taxpayers, but keeping her out of the gene pool in the future might have its own non-financial rewards.

"Fauxcahontas"-- Elizabeth Warren, the Senate candidate from Massachusetts who wrongly claimed Native American ancestry to gain employment advantage...even though she embarrassingly was not of Native American bloodlines. She will be there spinning more fictional tales.

And of course, the headliner -- Presidential Adulterer Bill Clinton will tell everyone how it is impossible for Obama to balance the budget and grow a good economy...even though Clinton, aided by a Republican Congress, did exactly that.