Friday, October 5, 2012

Barack Obama and the "Age of Caesar"

I have often spoken of my fear of the coming of "The Age of Caesar".

This is a phrase of art describing a potential situation in the future in which morally depraved individuals will beg for -- and demand -- a tyrant. They will envision this tyrant as some type of hero, who will solve all their problems for them. These disturbed sheep-like citizens will ignore every violation of law that this leader commits. In fact, they will encourage and approve of his actions.

So the question has been presented. Are we modern-day Rome?

Is Barack Obama the next Caesar?

Well, luckily for all Americans, the answer -- at the moment -- is no.

Obama isn't a tyrannical dictator who controls every aspect of the lives of all he rules over.

At least, not yet he isn't.

However, he is headed in that direction.

Obama has issued more Executive Orders than all the other previous Presidents combined.
Basically, when it comes right down to it, he is ruling by decree.

He violates our Constitution daily, and simply goes around Congress whenever he finds it inconvenient to follow their laws.

Obama recently found cause to abuse his power to issue a bizarre decree about the situation in Yemen being an "unusual and extraordinary threat to our national security" declaring that our government has the right to seize the property of those people involved in a revolution in Yemen.

Yeah. Yemen.

You know, that country that is #83 on the list of the International Monetary Funds ranking of wealthiest nations in the world. The country that only abolished slavery in 1962. The country that can't keep its citizens supplied with fresh water.

Yeah. Them.

Obama sees them as a threat worth trampling on our Constitution.

The worst part of the "Age of Caesar" is that Obama is being aided by subversives from within.

When you watch this famous video of various mis-informed actors and entertainers pledging themselves to the almighty and benevolent Barack Obama, you start to understand how a "cult of personality" works... how someone like Hitler could come to power. There is no logical thought process going on here. There is no common sense or decency here. Nobody asking whether what is being done is legitimate, necessary, or actually legal.

It's all rainbows and unicorns with these people.

Not to mention the disturbing "For All" campaign being run by the Obama camp.

Both Adolph Hitler and Julius Caesar asked citizens to make a certain hand gesture to indicate their obedience to their totalitarian power.

It sickens me to see free Americans willingly do this.

Oh, but people say "It could never happen here..."

That's what the Germans said in the 1930s. But they voted for Hitler.
The Romans begged for Caesar.

What will it take for Americans to come to do just that? A collapse of multiple banks at one time? A disruption in the food-supply chain? A disruption in welfare check or food stamp distribution?

These people would vote for Hitler. These people will demand a Caesar.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever.