Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My debate answer on Abortion

I didn't get to finish my answer in the debate due to time limits, so I thought I would print my full response here on my blog.



Being that this is a debate sponsored by the League of Womens Voters, I had to be quite certain that the topic of abortion would come up. My answer to the question is this:

All human societies and cultures have basically been an unwritten contract between those who came before us -- our ancestors -- the people who are currently living -- us -- and the generations that will follow us. My opinion is that our ancestors did everything they possibly could to make sure that we got here safely and are able to live the exact lives that we are living right now.  Why would you want to break that contract with future generations and tell them that they have no right to exist?

Mike Huckabee gave a phenomenal speech at CPAC 2012 in which he explained that an unborn baby is not just a mass of cells. It has a unique DNA profile that has never existed before and will never exist again. That unborn child will not become a piece of broccoli or a giraffe or a basketball. It will become a human being.

My opinion is that are certain moral absolutes in this world, and abortion is one of those issues that is absolutely, morally wrong.

My position is that I am pro-life with no exemptions or exceptions being made. I know that certain moderate Republicans have more flexible stances on this issue, including exemptions in the cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother being endangered. I do not agree with these exemptions.

Now, Republicans, we simply want to overturn Roe vs. Wade and have this decision sent back to the State level.  There is no doubt that some states would still allow abortion.
So Democrats saying that the election of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be the end of abortion is simply false.

Horrific sex-selective abortions might also lead to World War 3. China and India are both going to end up with a surplus of males who cannot find a mate or have a family. This situation will most likely cause riots and maybe even warfare as these countries struggle with this shameful legacy. 

Most of you know who Steve Jobs is. He was the founder of the worlds most valuable company, Apple Computers. He was an unwanted child who was adopted, not aborted.

And what a different world we live in because of that decision.

In 1961 a young teenager at the University of Hawaii was impregnated by a man from Kenya. If Adam Schiff and the Democrats had had their way with Roe vs. Wade 20 years earlier, Barack Obama might never have been born. And as much as I don't care for Obama or his policies, I would never deny him the right to exist.

I'm Pro-life. No exemptions.

If you are a political leader who won't protect life, ... then Liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't stand a chance.