Thursday, October 25, 2012

My ballot selections for November 6th


I have been pretty clear on my blog about not being a big fan of Mitt Romney. He was my last possible choice in the Republican primaries and I think he is the most politically moderate and Big Government Republican we could run in this election.

Having said that, I'll be voting for Romney for 3 reasons: Israel, Iran and The Supreme Court. Barack Obama has clearly shown through his actions that he can't be trusted with leading America when it comes to these three crucial issues.

Hopefully, Romney will surprise me and become a great leader, but due to his Big Government track record, I won't hold my breath.

I'm actually happy to support a fellow Wisconsin native for Vice President. Paul Ryan has a good Conservative soul, and his heart is in the right place, but a decade in Washington has co-opted him to the dark side and he has cast some Big Government votes that I find horrific. Hopefully, he will also grow into his role and do an excellent job.


I said in a previous blog post that I didn't support Elizabeth Emken in 2012. I still don't. I think she is a Big Government RINO. But when the option is between her or Feinstein, I suppose it doesn't hurt to throw her a sympathy vote. She is going to get killed by Feinstein...maybe 70-30... because most voters don't know who Emken is and can't identify what goals she is trying to accomplish.


It goes without saying that I'll be voting for myself to become the next Congressman from this area. My debate with Adam Schiff exposed him as a Big Government liberal who supports abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration and trillions in deficit spending. I can't understand why anyone would vote for him. But I'm sure the voters of the 28th District have their own opinions....


Wow. Do I ever hate voting for a liberal! But my selection in this race is the lesser (I hope!) of two evils. The other choice, Assembly Member Betsy Butler, has been bombarding voters with mailers telling everyone that she is some type of spiritual combination of Che Guevara and Cesar Chavez. Butler sent me over the edge when she mailed me this nutty flier. I mean...for God's sake...look at that photo! Who is she trying to be ? Sacajawea or Jesus of Nazareth? I can't stand Butler. I hope Bloom will be less destructive...but somehow, I doubt it.


I originally supported Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich in this election, and I'd be supporting him again here if his campaign manager hadn't bungled the operation so badly. Loyalty is important to me and I don't throw my friends under the bus just because they said or did something that wasn't popular. However, the choice here is between Jackson and Jackie Lacey. Republican groups seem to like Jackson better. I do not know much about Jackson, but I am trusting the judgement of other people who know him better than I do.


30 - NO  -- I don't like any wording of "temporary" with regard to taxes. The State usually finds a way to spend whatever it desires. And it has never been "about the kids" or education.

31 - NO -- Giving more local control over tax funds to people like The Dark Lord and The Cat Whisperer? No thanks.

32 - YES -- Smash the union right to strip payroll money for their slush funds? Ok. I like that.

33 - NO -- It sounds like a good idea, but it is actually cleverly written nonsense from the insurance companies so that they can charge you more. Education measures are never about the kids. And Business measures are never about saving you money.

34 - NO -- Death Penalty Repeal? Nope. No thanks. And our degenerate Mayor Villaraigosa signed the rebuttal to the argument against 34. Tells me all I need to know right there.

35 - NO -- This is an overwhelmingly liberal idea to stop the evil of human trafficking, but it goes too far by including people who are only tangentially related to the crime. Nice idea, but with no accountability or oversight, we can do without it.

36 - NO -- The "Three Strikes" law might be harsh and occasionally be a severe punishment for a minor crime, but it has also kept crime rates very low...even in a bad economy. I see no reason to change or adapt it.

37 - NO -- Food safety. Yeah. It's never about food safety. Liberal meddling and lawsuit hunting.

38 - NO -- It's never about the kids. We spend billions on schools here and get crappy results.

39 - NO -- "Green Energy" proposals do two things. They kill jobs and send businesses fleeing.