Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm voting for Carmen Trutanich!

I'm not excited about this upcoming City Election here in Los Angeles tomorrow.

There is only one person I will have an interest in voting for, and that is Carmen Trutanich.

I am voting for Nuch based on my personal friendship with him, which developed over a period  of months in 2009 when I was running for Mayor and he was running for City Attorney.

Spending a lot of time together at civic forums and neighborhood candidate events gave me some real insight into who Nuch is and what he is trying to accomplish. Nuch is no typical egomaniacal fact, Nuch got into politics fairly late in life after having had a successful career in the private sector.

His opponent, Mike Feuer is quite the opposite.

Feuer is an entrenched career politician with no backbone or integrity. He simply wants to avoid getting a real job in the private sector, and get back on the government teat. Feuer has already spent six years in the State Legislature and six years on the LA City Council. He has helped to send both our City and State very close to bankruptcy.

Voters rejected Feuer in 2001 when he ran for this exact same position.

I will help voters reject Feuer a second time by voting for Carmen Trutanich tomorrow.