Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pakistan: The Most Dangerous Country in the World

While many political experts are turning their attention towards the potential political hotspots of Iran and North Korea, the actual threat of World War III happening any time soon should instead cause people in power to divert their attention towards the legitimate danger of the conflict between Pakistan and India.

Originally one country, Pakistan and India split up because their Muslim and Hindu populations could not co-exist. The majority of India (Hindus) stayed where they were. The Muslims migrated to the northwest and formed Pakistan. This separation hasn't worked well for either side.

Muslims from Pakistan have been crossing into India and kidnapping and raping Hindu women and forcibly converting them to Islam. The Muslims -- as commanded by their "prophet" Mohammed -- have been conducting terrorist attacks and murderous raids on the Hindus in India for over 50 years. The terrorists attacks on Mumbai in 2008  that killed 164 people were officially supported by Pakistans Intelligence Agency. (If that isn't cause for war, I don't know what is). It is a horrifying and intolerable situation, and because of it the Pakistanis and Indians have already fought three declared wars during this short time period.

Most people in India are now at the point where they would welcome war with Pakistan, as it would allow them the chance to decimate their enemies.

The video above is very famous in both countries. It was made about four years ago by a young Hindu Girl that was about 13 years old at the time.

Even though Hindus are well known for being one of the most peaceful religions on earth, the horrible treatment of their country by the Muslims in Pakistan has resulted in this video, in which the young Hindu girl is screaming for her country to be confront Pakistan and and even use nuclear weapons on them if necessary.  

The interesting thing about this video is not the girls passionate speech, but the fact that she had a crowd cheering her suggestions. It shows the mentality that is growing in India...that they must either fight or die.

This young girl is not an elected official in India, but who is to say that in 20 years she might not be? Or that someone who listened to her speech won't be elected to a top position in Indias political  structure?

Pakistan is an official government sponsor of terrorism, rape and murder. They have become the most dangerous country on earth, and it was a severe mistake for the civilized nations of the world to allow Pakistan to obtain nuclear weapons. India now has to deal with this situation on a daily basis.

The animosity level between these two countries is off the charts.

They are headed for war.

The only question is when.