Friday, May 24, 2013

Muslims butcher English soldier in broad daylight in London

English citizens who may have been on the fence about Islam just got a wake-up call.

Two lunatic Muslims attacked and butchered an English soldier on a public street in London in the middle of the day.

They then paraded around showing off the body and their bloodied hands to passersby.

Of course, due to the pathetic gun-control laws in England, no citizen was able to stop the murderous rampage of these madmen. In fact, it took police 20 minutes to show up to an active murder site with eyewitnesses.

It is a crime so shocking that it incited rioting by some of the the citizens of London.

Unfortunately, this won't be the last of these attacks.

The Muslims attackers conversed with passersby explaining away their actions by saying it was "revenge" for British military actions in Muslim countries.

They seem to conveniently forget that Islam is the true aggressor. Islam has been brought to dozens of countries through rape and murder. Islam is the only religion that actively seeks the violent destruction of other religions.

The West has been far too tolerant towards Islam for too long.

These people do not believe in personal freedom, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion.

They are engaged in a battle that seeks our destruction.

To fail to confront them will only increase the price we pay in blood.