Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Victories Today For The Right

By this evening, I believe that Conservatives all over the nation will be celebrating the fact that we have temporarily put the brakes on the Obama "Freight Train Express" towards Socialism. I honestly believe in my heart that most Americans are somewhat Conservative and have a an instinctive sense of fair play.

They realize that the Federal Government has done a pretty good job of screwing up most programs it touches.
In a recent story segment on "60 Minutes", reporters revealed that criminals are ripping off Medicare/Medicaid for about $60 BILLION dollars every year!! In fact, most offenders never get caught. They just change addresses and move around to avoid detection. They interviewed one man who said he had ripped off Medicare for over 20 million.

Now, I ask you...would any private corporation... McDonalds...Fedex...The Gap.... would ANY of them accept the fact that criminals were stealing $60 Billion a year from them? The answer... hell no!

But as always with government, the problem is a lack of accountability. The type of accountability that the free market provides. Business people who make errors like this go out of business. Unfortunately, bad governments are just changed by changing the participants, but not the format of the game itself.

Tonight, I believe, is the high water mark for the left. Years from now they will look back and see they had the pinnacle of their power when planning and scheming to seize the entire medical field for themselves. Glory days of when they were talking about passing nonsensical enviro-activist job-killing Cap and Trade legislation.

Americans still believe in freedom and the right to control your own destiny. There are many "World Government" types that live in Europe...but not so many of them living here in the United States.

Doug Hoffman in NY-23 is going to be the shot heard 'round the country. Conservatives rejected a RINO and put a real Conservative in Washington. RINOs around the country will start trembling in fear. And they should.

Scozzafava's betrayal of her party - in dropping out and endorsing the Democrat - has been a miraculous gift for Conservatives. It has exposed the very essence of RINOs - that they have no true ideology and will turn on anyone or anything in a heartbeat. We need fewer of these people in government, and I think by the end of tonight...that we will have several fewer of them in power.