Monday, November 30, 2009

More hysteria-inducing propaganda from Krekorian and Mayor Sam

It appears that the Mayor Sam Blog and its contributors have basically become an unofficial mouthpiece for the campaign of Paul Krekorian. The latest round of hysteria-inducing propaganda from them comes in the form of an article which plays fast and loose with the truth and basically just makes a bunch of wild accusations without having any basis in fact.

But, this is par for the course with the Krekorian campaign, an organization that will stop at nothing to win the Special Election in Council District 2. Former ridiculous behavior from Krekorian includes playing the ethnic and racial card by claiming that Christine Essel had some type of opinions about the Armenian Genocide simply because a few of her campaign donors were of Turkish descent. A candidate who plays this card is basically race-baiting and fanning the flames of ethnic conflict and intolerance. It is despicable behavior and something that should never have happened.

The latest salvo of absolute lunacy is a letter which Krekorian writes to Christine Essel accusing her of stalking him and his family, even though Christine Essel was never present at his home and Paul Krekorian has no facts on which to base his wild accusations. But in the delusional world of Paul Krekorian, he is always the victim and everyone else is always conspiring against him.

Michael Higby, never one for subtlety, tries to increase the effect of the hysteria-inducing propaganda piece by headlining the story "Krekorian Home Stalked". Again, even though Higby has no actual facts, he is willing to throw out wild accusations.

Now, let me be the first to say that it certainly is possible that a man came to Krekorians fake Valley Glen apartment building and may have taken a few photos. But he could have been a reporter, or a blogger. There is no proof that the man worked for Christine Essel. Any news hound might have wanted to prove that Christine Essel or Paul Krekorian weren't really living in the apartments they rented in order to change their voter registrations and run for office in this District. Any competent political campaign would understand that their opponent might try to take pictures of them in an unflattering situation, or maybe even being caught living at a different address than the one in which they claim to be living. This would be something that any political figure should not only understand, but should come to expect.

Instead, Krekorian ratchets up the hysteria to present himself as a "victim" of the terrible Christine Essel, even though he has no factual basis for any of his claims.

The loaded language is ridiculous. For example...

"The intruder fled".
Oh really? What makes him an intruder?

"...lie about me as you see fit"
And this letter from Paul is filled with truth?

"stalking my wife and young children at our home"
"This is outright thuggery"
I have to admit, when it comes to fear-inducing hysterical tirades, Krekorian is pretty good.

"the people of our district expect and deserve that from us"
Mind-boggling hypocrisy from Krekorian here. Neither he nor Essel lived in the district before running for office there and at a recent forum Krekorian was forced to admit he had never lived in Council District 2.

"Let's talk about issues and records and leadership and vision."
OR, if that doesn't work, we can always do some race-baiting, some whining, a lot of finger-pointing and some good old-fashioned fearmongering.

Krekorian is really revealing a lot about himself through his behavior in this campaign. His opponent, Christine Essel, has mainly focused her criticisms on Pauls poor behavior as a State Assembly Member in Sacramento and has focused on his ridiculous budget-destroying voting record while working there. Paul, on the other hand, has shown that he will use any distractionary or diversionary tactic in the book to get attention. He has repeatedly tried to portray himself as some type of victim, even though he is the elected official in this race.

I will discuss this more in an upcoming article : Paul Krekorian : Unfit For Office