Saturday, November 28, 2009

Krekorians Tantrum: Confirmed!!

Last night the story I wrote on the Mayor Sam blog a month ago was finally confirmed to be factual by two eyewitnesses to the event. Since Mayor Sam Editor and Blog Owner Michael Higby had the nerve to publish a disclaimer to the story, I wonder if he will be willing to go back and print a retraction now that Krekorians camp has been caught in a lie? I'm guessing... probably not.... being as he is so deeply in the tank for Paul Krekorian in this election. Higby and the other CD 2 supporters are drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to Krekorian, a job-hopping career politician who has never finished an elected term without bailing out, abandoning his constituents, and running for another job.

The revelation came during an episode of the Internet Radio Show "Live LA Saturday Night" hosted by former Mayoral Candidate David Hernandez and former City Council candidate Frank Sheftel. Several callers called into the show last night. Degé Coutee called in to talk about Medical Marijuana and the current legal battle over the number of dispensaries here in Los Angeles. Famous City Political Activist David Saltsburg (a.k.a. "Zuma Dogg") called in to talk about marijuana a little bit, then turned his conversation to the upcoming CD 2 Election battle.

Zuma Dogg is no fan of Paul Krekorian and let the listeners know about it. He raged against Krekorian, saying that he is a "State-bankrupting, career-seat-jumping, elected official who has bamboozled a lot of unsophisticated suckers". Zuma Dogg repeated a long list of Chris Essel supporters and mocked Krekorian by saying that shady Councilman Richard Alarcon is supporting Krekorian.

Frank and David gave me a call during the show and we talked about my getting fired from the Mayor Sam blog. I told them that it was probably the result of my posting too many pro-Chris Essel stories and too many stories that were anti-Krekorian just by the fact that I was stating the truth about him. I talked specifically about my story link earlier in this post where I wrote about Paul Krekorian having a meltdown and a diva moment in the City Clerks Office months ago when he filed his papers to run for City Council for District 2 here in Los Angeles.

I mentioned how I had heard this story from several sources. It is a story that has staying power because even Christine Essel confirmed to me that she had heard the story long before I wrote about it. I asked David and Frank for their comments. David is currently running for office, so he didn't want to say much about it, but Frank was refreshingly candid, saying that while he was not the original source of the story, "I definitely was in the room and I witnessed what happened". He added that it "was a little bit inappropriate for a sitting State Assembly person." He backed up the story by saying "I won't leave you out there in the cold!"

The best part was when Frank quoted from Krekorians tirade at the City Clerks Office:

"GO #&*@ YOURSELF"!!

The reason I wrote the story was to let voters in CD 2 know what they are getting in Krekorian: A self-centered egomaniac who has has abandoned every elected position he has ever held in a greedy climb to the top. His reasons for running for LA City Council (even though he lives in Burbank) are simple. A cushy job with a fat salary. Sitting Council Members are rarely ever defeated, so if he wins on Dec. 8th, Krekorian can bank on this being his job for the next 14 years. If the voters of CD 2 choose him, then so be it. I just think they are making a poor choice if they do. His Socialist voting record in Sacramento and his freedom-hating liberalism has always bothered me. Watching him speak at campaign events has been like listening to a lecture from an ultra-politically correct college professor. But hey...some folks like that type of thing and there are a lot of people drinking the Kool-Aid for him right now.

Mayor Sam Blogger Joe Barrett called into the show to dispute my statements about what happened at Mayor Sam, and as usual, his flag-waving hysteria for Krekorian was disturbing. He and the other Sunland-Tujunga "leaders" endorsed Tamar Galatzan for this postion a few months ago, which means that they originally thought Paul wasn't the best guy for the job... but they have quickly changed their tune and become fanatical supporters of his - for some odd reason.

You can listen to the show yourself at LA Talk
Click on this link.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link for November 28th and you can hear the whole show for yourself. It was interesting and entertaining. Congrats to Frank and David. They are doing a great job getting this show up and running.