Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trutanich crackdown has Craig X. Rubin facing a 5 to 12 year sentence

A city-wide crackdown on marijuana dispensaries launched by City Attorney Nuch Trutanich has ensnared an unusual political figure in its net. Craig X. Rubin, a well known marijuana advocate who ran for Mayor of Los Angeles in March of 2009, was arrested recently for his cannabis activism.

Rubin, who has appeared on the television series "Weeds", has led an activist lifestyle for cannabis for many years while working full-time as a pastor at The Family Church in Pasadena. Rubin has also been an outspoken critic of the LAPD Narcotics Division, whom he accuses of stealing millions of dollars from the people they arrest, pointing out the fact that cannabis is usually a cash business and the temptation for officers is very high.

Rubin claims that his arrest was politically motivated. "This prosecution is completely political retribution because of my outspoken stance in favor of cannabis against city officials who waste taxpayer money," Rubin said. Rubin adds to his claims of persecution the fact that City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich has proposed a law that would affect only Rubin. It is already illegal to own and operate a cannabis club while on probation without the approval of the judge and the probation department. Nuchs proposed law would make that illegal, and Rubin claims that the only person out of the over 1,000 pot clubs in Los Angeles it would affect is himself.

The arrest and prosecution have brought troubling times to Craig X. Rubin and his family. Rubin's wife and children are staying in a hotel while Rubin is sleeping on the floor of The Family Church, trying to sell the lease to raise money for his family should he be incarcerated. Rubin raises some troubling issues when he says "Personally, I think Cooley and Trutanich should spend a week in County Jail. They stole the money my wife worked for over the last six months and the funds were in no way co-mingled with the church's money. These guys are thieves stealing peoples life savings without a hearing and prior to conviction."

Rubin and his wife Tara say that the local police took over $8,000 away from them when he was arrested.
Tara said their family had planned to lease a house with that money.
These are strong allegations by Rubin and I intend to contact the City Attorneys Office for comment or response.

Craigs trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 23rd at the LAX Airport Branch of the Superior Court.
11701 S. La Cienega. Division 146 at 8:30 am. Rubin asks that his fellow cannabis activists support him during his trial and help raise money for his defense.

On a side note, today, Nov. 22nd, is Craigs birthday.
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