Thursday, November 19, 2009

Essel : Fully Reloaded

Just out of curiosity I stopped by Christine Essel's campaign headquarters in Studio City today. I had never been there before. It was an unannounced visit, so I was surprised to find Christine there with several of her staffers.

The place was in high spirits and Christine was making call after call to voters and contacts. Sometimes Christine got so busy she had to hand off some of the calls to her staffers to finish up details and paperwork. Christine was overjoyed to find out that the PPL had decided to increase their Independent Expenditures (IE's) for her Council campaign. The total of IE's is getting close to half a million now.

In the outer hallway I saw enormous stacks of new yard signs getting ready to go out. The new ones state that "Our Local Police Support" Christine Essel. It's hard to imagine that there are voters who would intentionally choose sides against their own law enforcement officers, but I suppose it is always possible.

Some of her staffers were choosing from boxes of new campaign literature. The Essel campaign also received more positive news while I was there. They plan to announce this in press releases next week.

The Krekorian supporters will, of course, go crazy and complain that Chris Essel is buying this election.

But you know who complains that their opponent is buying the election?

A candidate who fears that they are going to lose.