Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Krekorian : A Freedom-Hating Liberal

Below is a quote from the Christine Essel campaign. It points out that Paul Krekorian is a very dangerous person to put in political office. He is a Statist. That means he believes in the power of the State over the freedom of the individual. Most liberals claim to love freedom, but that only applies if it works for them and their goals. If they don't get what they want, then they hate freedom. A Statist has the goal of exerting control over other individuals. Krekorian voting to allow insurance companies to monitor your every move is repulsive and totally reprehensible behavior. His only excuse for voting to destroy the freedom of others is that he was paid a large sum of money by the insurance companies.

Here's the Essel Campaign quote...

After accepting more than $15,000 from the insurance industry, Krekorian voted to allow insurance companies to raise our rates. He even voted to allow insurance companies to install spyware satellite devices in our cars that would violate our privacy by tracking and recording our every movement -- where we go, where our kids go to school, and how fast we drive twenty-four hours a day.
4 We do not need another City Council member who will sell our interests to the highest bidder.