Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Krekorian seeks to become Gang Member

Paul Krekorian today will seek to become a member of a new gang. You probably know them.

The "Spring Street 15."

They usually have 15 members, but they are temporarily down one member because Wendy Greuel made it to the "getaway car" last March along with Commandante Villaraigosa, who was chosen to be the Head Sancha Collector for the next four years here in Los Angeles.

Some of the "Spring Street 14" have been in mourning for a while. One of their little homies, Jack Weiss, didn't make it to the getaway car. He was mercilessly wiped out in a hail of ballots on March 3rd by a group from the far South side. A much tougher group that decided to play by "San Pedro Rules". Life in the big city can be very cruel sometimes.


Later this evening there will be tears in the San Fernando Valley.

One candidate will win, the other will lose.

Mayor Sam can finally move on to talking about other subjects.

In one of the most interesting conversations I had about this election, former Mayoral Candidate and former CD 2 Candidate Zuma Dogg told me something that was eerily accurate.

I laughed about it at the time, but I think more and more about it every day.

He said....(and I'm probably not getting this 100% right because it was a while ago)... that "getting out of the State Assembly is a lot like getting released from the California Prison System."

"If you are not a hardened criminal when you go in, you certainly are by the time you get out."

Quote of the year from Zuma Dogg there.

He went on to expand on this concept.

"You become hardened. You don't care about other people anymore. You only care about yourself and your gang. Taking other peoples money becomes second nature..."

Amen to that, ZD.

Look at all the former Assembly Members we have on the "Spring Street 15". Looting the City Treasury seems to be second nature for them. Their natural-born instincts for discerning right from wrong no longer exist.

Here's hoping that voters in the San Fernando Valley put an end to Paul Krekorians life of crime.