Thursday, December 17, 2009

GOP facing trouble in Governors Race

In a very disturbing development, it appears that the GOP has been stuck with three candidates for Governor that most people in the party are not very fond of.

Meg Whitman, the former CEO of Ebay, is bringing a lot of money into the race, but she is looked on by most Conservatives with sneaking suspicion. She almost never voted before becoming a candidate and only became a Republican very recently. In my opinion, this should disqualify her from holding the top post in the State. However, the Party is a bit desperate for big-money candidates and it looks like the Party is ready to accept her and choose her.

Whitman is actually my last choice because she is not a Conservative.
She is a RINO.
I don't care for some of her stances, politically. However, she does come from a business background and if she becomes the Party nominee, I will reluctantly support her. I am hoping that another candidate can rise to the challenge and defeat her. I fear that a Whitman victory in the primary will guarantee a Jerry Brown victory in November.

Steve Poizner, the Insurance Commissioner, also has vast personal wealth and announced the other day he would be throwing $15 million of his own money into the race. Unfortunately, he may be doing this too late as most polls show him trailing badly in the single digits and Meg Whitman already garnering about 35% of GOP voter support.

Poizner is another RINO in this race who has political stances I don't agree with.
He has a few good ideas, but I don't think he can win the primary.
If he wanted to win, he should have thrown more money into this race earlier.

Tom Campbell is a former Congressman who has a lot of well-thought out ideas about how to save California.
I like the fact that he has won some awards for being fiscally responsible while serving in Congress.
We need leaders like that here in California.
However, Campbell also has some views that are not Conservative at all.
He talks about levying an expensive gasoline tax and he supports gay marriage.
I don't like hearing about either one of those ideas.
He is the third RINO in the race, but he is probably the least offensive to me.
It would still be difficult to support him, but I will do that if he is the choice.

I can't see any of these candidates beating Jerry Brown.
Brown could win on name-recognition alone, as he served two terms as Governor from 1974-1982.
I am hoping a new GOP candidate rises to meet the challenge of an election that seems pre-determined to put Jerry Brown back in the Governors Office.