Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Los Angeles City Council, a.k.a. "future defendants"

OK. This is getting really, really annoying.

Today the City Council is going to do more jibber-jabbering about medical marijuana and the pot shops.
I'm not a big fan of the shops, but as elected City Officials you have to make some real decisions!!

This might be the third or fifth or tenth time they've talked about it. It's very simple!
Either the pot shops are legal...or they are not! Don't dawdle. Pick one.
I don't care if it is the wrong one, but you have to make choices.
When you don't make theses choices, your incompetence allows others to make the decisions for you!!
Pot shop owners finally just decided that "**** it!..they can't make a decision! Let's open a new pot shop."
THAT is how the decisions are being made now...by default.

Same thing with the Billy the Elephant nonsense.
Six months of Soap Opera and fifteen meetings over one elephant! Are you serious?
Make the call! Build the elephant enclosure or don't... but for God's sake..make a choice.

The City of Los Angeles has a 7 billion dollar budget entrusted to people who are greedy, corrupt, and absolutely incompetent. Most of them have no business being entrusted with anything.

Jan Perry should be working at a KFC, not trying to ban new KFC locations from opening.
She has no business whatsoever being in charge of anything.
Public donations to pay for policing Michael Jacksons funeral??!! You cannot be serious!!
She came up with that lame-brained idea, along with the banning-fast-food concept.

Alarcon, with his historic levels of nepotism, belongs in jail.
So does Jose Huizar. From what I hear, Huizar is under Federal Investigation , so he might be the first one of the Council Members to wear the blaze orange.

Budget-Destroying Socialists Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian came out of the criminal racket called the State Assembly. They have yet to be charged or indicted for any of their crimes against California taxpayers.

Herb Wesson wastes valuable city time with his "puppy show" trying to get animals adopted from shelters.
Touching, and heartfelt liberalism, that's for sure...but this is not the job of government!!

Fixing streets, repairing sewer lines and water pipes, managing payroll, controlling themselves when touching the City Treasury. These ARE the jobs of local government.

Instead they strangle the businesses that lay the golden eggs when it comes to local taxes and fees.

In the middle of the worst recession in 20 years, Mark Ridley-Thomas....or as I call him... Mark Ripoff Thomas decides to remodel his office at a cost of 700 grand to the taxpayers. Ridley Thomas is so amazingly arrogant that he defended his actions. He has no business being in public office with an attitude like that. His voters are voting for their own destruction by electing people like him. And yes, Betty Pleasant, I did say that.

Antonio Villaraigosa is another politician that belongs in jail.

Instead of working on the crisis here at home, he's flying halfway around the world to participate in the sham conference of Kool Aid drinkers who believe the world is going to melt in the next five years.

Remember that the next time a water pipe bursts in your neighborhood or you lose power for hours.
Our Mayor is busy out there saving the world.

If I had been elected Mayor of Los Angeles in March 2009, I was probably going to have Villaraigosa arrested and charged with fraud, theft, and embezzlement. His months spent campaigning for Hillary Clinton were not the job of doing the work of the people of Los Angeles. He was doing the work of being Antonio Villaraigosa, professional politician and con man. The excessive costs for his extracurricular activities during that campaign, charged to taxpayers, need to be recovered by the City. As it turned out, Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination, did not become President, and will probably never run again. So basically, all his activities and efforts and the money spent on that ludicrous chase for votes were wasted like a fart in the wind.

Unfortunately, we have no leaders in this City willing to take a stand against Villaraigosa.

That speaks volumes about the political situation here in Los Angeles.

Absolute and total corruption.