Monday, December 28, 2009

Senator Ben Nelson: Americas Most Wanted

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson recently flip-flopped on his stance on the Health Care Bill in Congress and guaranteed its passage by becoming the 60th vote in the Senate to avoid filibuster maneuvering and move forward on the bill.

It was an act of betrayal that is rarely seen in political circles.

In my opinion, it was fraud and bribery and extortion all rolled into one.

Nelson was offered a "Cornhusker Kickback" in order to become the 60th "Yes" vote on the Bill.
Democrats offered the ultimate bribe. Nebraskans will never have to pay for increased costs of Medicaid.
Free, free, free.
I'm not the only one angry about this behavior.
The Democrats are bending Federal Law to buy the vote of one legislator.
This action should be declared illegal. Several figures should be under arrest and headed to jail.
This mockery threatens to bring down our entire Governmental System if a "pay-to-play" mentality starts to take over Congress.

In my opinion, the Governor of Nebraska needs to stand on principle and have Senator Ben Nelson arrested on charges of accepting bribes in Congress from the Democratic Party.

Even some citizens in Nebraska who could theoretically benefit from Senator Nelsons treachery are arguing against accepting the bribe. Some are even asking other States to sue Nebraska.

I'm hoping Ben Nelsons career comes to an end soon.

I can imagine the words of TV host John Walsh....

"If you have seen Senator Ben Nelson, please contact Americas Most Wanted..."