Thursday, December 3, 2009

Krekorian : Job-killer & Economy-destroyer

It is an indisputable FACT that during Paul Krekorians term of office in Sacramento, more businesses and jobs have been lost here in California than have been gained.

The reason? A troubling and dangerous ideology that exists in the ultra-liberal legislature that guides California.

They feel the uncontrollable desire to meddle and interfere in business, trade, and commerce.
High taxes, high fees, troubling regulations and meddlesome interference have caused thousands of business owners to give up and close their doors. Take a drive around Los Angeles and count all the former business locations where you remember a store or shop being present, and then count all the empty ones now in their place with the usual "For Lease" sign hanging in the window.

Our State is rapidly becoming a non-competitive entity for new jobs and growth. Captains of industry simply choose to locate elsewhere because it is in their best interests.

The finger of blame can be pointed directly at Paul Krekorian and his fellow Socialists in Sacramento.

They are job-killers and economy-destroyers. Open any business magazine and look at their polls of U.S. States where business leaders want to open new businesses. California usually comes in close to the bottom of their poll choices. The reason is that California has business-strangulating legislation being written every day by incompetent politicians like Paul Krekorian.

Here is a perfect example of how Liberal, Socialist ideology kills jobs. The Communists who live in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica have enacted legislation that requires business owners to pay an unreasonable rate of pay for entry-level employees. I think the minimum wage in Santa Monica is now $12 or $14 an hour.

Now, if you were a business owner looking to cut costs, you could close your store in Santa Monica and move it 10 blocks down the street to Venice and start paying your employees a reasonable starting $8 an hour. How could Santa Monica prevent you from leaving? The answer? They can't! But the Socialists in power in Sacramento don't think about the long-term implications of their ideology. What they think is a great idea designed to help people at the bottom of the economic scale often backfires and makes things worse for them by driving away jobs and employers.

The destruction of jobs and the economy in California right now is the direct result of government interference in the lives of individuals who operate businesses and employ others.

It all goes back to the concepts laid out by Adam Smith.
The invisible hand of the free market.

If employers don't pay their employees well enough, then those employees will leave to work at other jobs and other positions that offer them more. Business owners are then forced by market conditions to raise their rates to stay competitive with other employers. There is no need for a minimum wage or other false controls.

If a government can dictate to a business owner that they have to pay their employees $12 an hour...well....why stop there?
Why not make it $20 an hour??
Why not $50!!??
Because when it comes right down to it...the actual number is irrelevant!!
The issue of the government using force to control business is the real issue here.
Socialists agree with this concept and embrace it.

I do not.

Paul Krekorian is a Socialist.
He is a job-killer and an economy-destroyer.

If you value Californias future, you should avoid voting for him.