Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Socialists seize power in Council District 2.

Disturbing developments in Los Angeles last night as Socialists seized yet another City Council seat.

Personal freedom and free-market capitalism took a serious blow as Paul Krekorian was elected to Los Angeles City Council. He will now have a seat and a voice in Los Angeles politics.

The death spiral continues.

Low quality schools, loss of jobs, industries leaving the State, and higher taxes are pretty much guaranteed for Los Angeles residents in the near future. Los Angeles will begin to resemble Detroit eventually.

Delusional supporters of Krekorian (many of them from Sunland-Tujunga) felt that this was actually something to celebrate about. Luckily, they were heavily supplied with plenty of Kool Aid for what should be a very busy week for them.

In contrast, angry supporters at the Chris Essel party wanted to know how many residents of Burbank and Glendale had re-registered to vote in CD 2 recently. The Essel campaign probably should have thought about that before December 8th. It would seem that checking the voter rolls in both areas and comparing them might have been a smart move.

Krekorian supporters were all too happy to taunt Essel supporters last night. One hopes that they save room for a little crow when Krekorian gives them the middle finger to jump ship and run for a different office.

One last warning for the Kool Aid drinking Krekorian supporters.

I would like you to read the parable of "The Scorpion and The Frog".

And also the Aesops fable of "The Farmer and The Snake".

You knew what Krekorian was like when you chose to support him.

He is not going to change.

You will regret your choice.